Studio 1008

330 W. 38th Street, Suite 1008
New York, NY  10018

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Clean Studio for Meetings, Workshops, Rehearsals, Photo & Video Shoots

Spacious studio located in the overlap between Hell’s Kitchen and the Garment District. Our space features a welcome/reception area separate from the studio space removing distractions from the creative process.


4-min walk to Times Square
CitiBike 2-min walk
Many restaurants, cafes, nearby

WiFi – business plan 250/250 Mbps


We have a direct relationship w/ a co-located equipment rental house (LVR). Let us know if you need something and we can arrange to have it in the space and ready-to-go for your booking! We will pass-on equipment rental costs and provide an invoice to pay in advance.


We are an LGBTQ- and Veteran-owned business, proudly supporting individual artists, and larger arts organizations.


Add-On Fee for Seamless Paper (Setup time & up to 10′ of ‘cut-off’ )
This fee covers the setup & up to 10′ of paper that touches the floor (and is cut off). Custom colors can be acquired based on availability & time before your rental.

Included In Every Rental:

  • 4 x Folding Tables
  • 1 x Conference Table
  • 2 x 55″ TVs (1 wall mounted, 1 on AV cart)
  • White Board
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Refrigerator, Microwave, Water Cooler (in the Shared Space)
  • Lobby for welcoming guests
  • 32 x Folding Chairs
  • Music Stands and more!


Photo & Lighting Equipment Available:

  • Varipole support system for seamless paper
  • 3 x Godox SK300II Studio Strobes
  • 3 x Light stands
  • 2 x Reflector Umbrellas
  • 5-in-1 Reflector (42″ circular)
  • 2 x Ring Lights (18″ diameter)
  • Godox XT-16 Wireless Flash Transmitter
  • 3 x Soft boxes
  • 3 x V-Flats (black/white)
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Rate: $65/hour
4-Hour Minimum

Contact Us to Start an Inquiry

Rentals needed within the next 48-hours, please message us 

By renting with Full Out Creative, you are agreeing to our Studio Rules

Studio Rules & Information

General Rules

General Rules

  • No smoking
  • No pets allowed (unless cleared in advance)
  • All rentals include setup and strike time; please inquire for details about staffing
  • Furniture must be moved back to where you found it
  • Guests must remove any equipment they bring into the space by the end of the booking
  • Nudity for artistic purposes is okay


All ages are allowed in the space


Production insurance is required for specific projects

Insurance is project-dependent. Our insurance will cover most types of small events/shoots, but we will inquire about your needs after booking.

If you would like to provide insurance in advance, you can do so using the following:

Additional Insured/Certificate Holder
FOC Media, LLC DBA Full Out Creative
330 W 38th St #1008
New York, NY 10018

Minimum $1 million liability, no other special coverages needed unless you are doing stunts, working with minors, etc.


Furniture and decorations may be moved

Movements of tables and other easy-to-move items at no additional cost with your own labor.

If shelving, wall decor, or major items need to be moved, we will advise if there is an additional fee, depending on scope of entire rental.


Smoke machines are allowed


Artistic Nudity is allowed

Enhanced COVID-19 Cleaning Information

Proof of vaccination is required for all renters who wish to be unmasked. If an unvaccinated model needs to remove their mask, all guests (regardless of vaccination status) will need to wear masks.
Between rentals, high-touch areas & equipment is disinfected, and we open windows to circulate fresh air. Rentals will not be back-to-back to allow for cleaning & social distancing


Cleaning Protocol:

Soft, porous materials have been properly cleaned or removed
High touch surfaces and shared amenities have been disinfected
Bookings are spaced apart to allow for enhanced cleaning
Supply a hand washing station with soap, warm water, and paper towels or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
Clean common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances.
Collect and clean dishes, silverware, and other provided host amenities, if applicable.
Remove garbage and add new lining to cans.


Protective Gear

Disinfecting wipes or spray and paper towels
Hand Sanitizer
Disposable masks / face coverings


Phyiscal Distancing

Capacity is limited based on governmental guidelines
Space has access to outdoor air ventilation


Emerald Green Garage

Address: 320 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018, USA

Postal code: 10018

Phone number: 212-564-4987

24 Hours/7 Days

Natural Light

Natural light can currently be blackout with black duvetyne fabric we have on-site. The only time there is partial direct sunlight in the space, but is NEVER on the photographing white wall/paper. is in the late afternoon/early evening (summer time). There are six large windows measuring 80″ tall/height (6′ 8″) and 56″ across/width (including the window frames). One window is east-facing, the other five are all south-facing.


Space is not soundproof

Ambient noise: Can only hear neighbors if they are playing loud base (rare). We are on a busy street, but you do not hear many street sounds up here. AC unit sound – cool off the room and then turn it off if filming with sound.
We are installing a sound-dampening black curtain on two sides of the room (including the wall of windows).

Space Access

Crew access

Elevator, Freight Elevator


Equipment loading

Commercial parking out front. Free for anyone 6pm and after, and free all day for all on Saturdays and Sundays.

Entrance does NOT require a ramp.

Double door (full access) entry to the freight hallway, adjacent to main entrance. Freight is manually-operated by building staff. No additional cost Mon-Sat from 8am-5pm ET, after-hours additional cost unless you do not need freight.


Additional Equipment Rentals

We have a relationship with a rental house and can get you most lights and camera gear on-request for a fee. Price depends on equipment.


Staging area is available

We are a partially-open floorplan. There is a private changing area for 1-2 people in the main room, and you can sit/place items, backpacks, etc, in the reception area. Our space is two rooms connected by an open arch.


Some rooms are off-limits for shooting

Closed-door glass office space. Available upon request for an additional fee. Fee determined by scope at time of request.


Shooting the exterior of the building is allowed


Electrical system

Eight (8) power outlets, 7 continuously available. Surge protectors on-site for added outlets. Outlets are located on both walls adjacent to the photo/video area, and in the reception area.

Circuit breaker is inside the space, next to the entrance door.